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Pest Control Malaga

Local And Affordable Professional Pest Control Service Team In Malaga

Perth 24 Hour Pest Control keeps a close eye on the things that you never wish to see- the pests! Our Pest Control Malaga team offers non-toxic pest treatment services. Also, we can be easily booked 24 by 7 for pest treatment anywhere in Malaga. The pests like termites, beetles, bed bugs, mites and rodents have a high potential for interior damages. Therefore, our pest control company is here for you. 

Our smart pest management methods have made us Malaga’s Best pest control service providers. Furthermore, we are local pest exterminators. Therefore, we are aware of every single location and pests found in Malaga. Some pests that we can easily remove are- possums, moths, white ants, spiders, silverfishes, wasps, bees and termites, etc. If you need any sort of pest treatment service, you can call us at 08 6109 8242

Benefits Of Scheduling Professional Pest Controllers 

You get to enjoy several benefits of appointing professional pest exterminators rather than doing yourself. 

  • Specific pest control plan: The qualified pest controllers will design a special treatment plan. As per your location and pest infestation, the set-up will follow. 
  • On-Time Service: The experts are always on time. And, hence the laziness to clean the property from pests disappears. 
  • Use Of Advanced Techniques: You may try DIY methods to treat pests but the results may not be satisfactory. So, recruit a professional to deliver you an updated pest control service. 

Specialised Pest Control Malaga Services That We Offer 

✔ General pest inspection and removal

The existence of general pests can create a lot of fuss on any property. In case, your place is having pest infestations of white ants, rodents, possums or moths, etc; call us! Our pest exterminators provide timely pest inspection and removal services in Malaga. 

✔ Residential pest control

What’s better than living in a pest-free environment? However, Malaga serves as an ideal place for many pests and insects. Our Home pest control treatments are safe, effective and free from toxic chemical use. So, you can count on us, as our domestic pest controls are child and pet-friendly. 

✔ Commercial pest control

We can beat all the pests in no time. Choose us to get the best value for money pest control. Our commercial pest control Malaga team provides a complete range of pest management services. Be it your warehouse, hotel, restaurant, school or cafe- we can make it pest-free at low costs! 

✔ Pre-purchase pest inspection

In our pre-purchase pest inspection service, we offer- a detailed analysis of the place, suggest a treatment plan and end the service with a proper report. Additionally, this pre-buy pest inspection will greatly help you in the decision making of the purchase. Some commonly found pests in vacant places are- termites, moths, possums and silverfishes.  

✔ Emergency pest control service 

A sudden attack by wasps can put anyone in great trouble. Not just wasps but any unwanted pest can cause a great nuisance. So, we are here in Malaga to give you quick emergency pest control assistance. Our service charges are low, fair and results are satisfactory! 

✔ Same day end of lease pest control

Looking for a ‘same day pest control near me?‘ If yes, we can be the best option in Malaga. You can recruit us for same-day pest inspection service and even removals and safe exterminations. Additionally, our customer care staff stay active 24 by 7 for pest treatment service bookings. We make a fair deal between you and your landlord for end of lease pest control in Malaga. 

Malaga’s Local Pest Control Company

Perth 24 Hour Pest Control is a locally-based company for pest treatments. We have been in the pest solution industry for many years now. Since we are well aware of the types of pests and Malaga’s area. We can guide you with a complete pest control service. Also, keep in mind that we will always charge you reasonable Pest control prices irrespective of what pest-related service you call us for. 

Additionally, all our professional pest controllers are local and highly dedicated at work. Based on your given address and pest issue- we deliver a rapid pest management service. So, book us for a professional service experience today! 

Pest Control Company That Works Smarter In Malaga, Perth! 

We can give you countless reasons to choose us for pest control over and over again! Check out our company reviews and below benefits: 

  • 24 Hours Service: Most of the pests need regular inspection & control. Therefore, we stay awake 24 by 7 for pest management bookings. 
  • Non-Toxic Pest Traps: All of our pest control baits and traps are non-toxic and safe. We minimize the use of chemicals and promote green pest control. 
  • Prevents Costly Issues: Any rodent, moth or roach problem can cause expensive damage repairs. Therefore, we are here for you with cost-effective services. 
  • Accurate Inspections: We have trained professionals to inspect your place for multiple pests. We also ensure that your place is pest free before we leave. 
  • Peace Of Mind: Constant monitoring and complete removal of insects and pests give you a relaxed state of mind. So, you need not worry when we serve you! 


Q. Can I get a rodent removal service on a weekend in Malaga? 

Yes, our pest control company offers rodent treatment services in Malaga. We are open round the clock and even offer services on weekends. Moreover, we make use of the latest rats and mice catching tools for fast extermination. 

Q. How can bees pose a threat to my family? 

Bees are notorious and are very aggressive. So, if you disturb their nesting, you may get attacked in large numbers. Moreover, too many bee stings at once can make you unconscious. So, in order to avoid allergic bee infections- seek professional bee controllers. 

Q. Are all pest control methods the same? 

No, not all pest treatments are the same. For every pest- we deliver a specialised control method. For possums, rats and rodents we use baits and traps. Whereas, for ants, termites, beetles and bed bugs- we use pest control sprays and solutions.