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Pest Control


Are newborn babies in danger from pest control?

Usually, pest control sprays developed for households have a low concentration of insect repellents. It is to make sure that while the pests are killed, there are no exposed residues that one has to worry about. However, it is best to be out of the house with your newborn baby for a few hours. When it comes to babies, there is no need to take unnecessary risks.

What are the signs that indicate that you have a pest infestation?

The signs that indicate that you have a pest infestation are – pest droppings on floors, walls, damage to plants, the physical appearance of the pests, physical damage to your house, gnaw marks and holes, and many others. 

Is it necessary to leave my home during the pest control application?

No, it is not necessary to leave your home during the pest control application. However, if you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals and fumes, it is advisable to be outdoors. You can return home once the vapours move out.

How long does it take to complete pest control?

The time varies which is taken to complete pest control. For instance, if it is regular pest control, then 30 minutes is needed. However, if pest controllers need to take care of an active infestation, that might take more than an hour. If one needs to install termite barriers, then one full day is required.

 Did you notice bite marks on your shoulder and suspect bed bugs? How to confirm this?

If you have noticed bite marks on your shoulder and suspect bed bugs, it is vital that you confirm the infestation. For this, firstly check out the bed. Pull off the bedding and take a close look at the bedhead and mattress. If you find any signs such as brown-coloured insects or eggs, you need to contact professionals right away!